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I’m not mad at Lance

I’m not mad at Lance Armstrong.

I am often asked my opinion about drugs in cycling, about Lance Armstrong and about the professional cycling world in general.  Cycling is what it is and everyone is a willing player, including the loyal fans.  Lance didn’t destroy the sport of cycling.  And as everyone knows, opinions are like, well, everyone has one.

Today I finished watching the interview with Oprah.  I’m not mad at Lance, I’m sad for him.

The interview went as I expected, he lost his sponsors and money and he can’t race again.  He lost a bunch of things, stuff.  Bah! Who cares.  Businesses and people go broke every day and then move on.  There is no story in that.

I’m sad for Lance for the things he doesn’t have, for the things that he is MISSING.  Maybe it’s compassion or empathy?  I really don’t know because I can’t wrap my head around his way of thinking.  I can’t comprehend his ability to destroy real people to protect a lie.  What is he missing?  Maybe it’s love?

As a coach and a family man, my life runs on compassion and love and that is why I am sad for him.  I can’t imagine what it would feel like to hear my son perpetuate a lie that I had created.  That thought makes my stomach turn.

I feel that Lance must be one of the loneliest people on the planet.

So there is my take.  I’m sad for Lance.  I’m interested to hear yours.

Keep the rubber side down.

Coach Brian

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  1. Interesting to hear your thoughts, your pity. I have often wondered what your perspective was on this whole thing. It really is quite sad. He was such an inspiration to everyone, in and out of the cycling world. Many people have lost their hero.

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