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Do you need a cycling coach?

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Sometimes people ask me if they need a coach.  99% of the time the answer is no.  You probably do not need a coach.  Let’s rephrasing the question.  “Will I benefit from hiring a professional cycling coach?”  That answer depends.  Could you benefit?  Absolutely, without a doubt, no matter your current conditioning and experience you could benefit from a coach.  But will you benefit is the real question, and there are many things for you to ask yourself and to consider.  Remember, you are selecting YOUR coach based on your needs, goals and pocket book.  This is not public school, you pick your own instructor.

You should approach the idea of professional coaching with these things in mind:

  • Why do you want a coach:  Training information is available for free online.  Why do you want a coach and what are your goals?
  •  Time and Money:  Coaching is an investment in you, it involves time and money.  What’s your budget?
  • Coachable:  Are you coachable?  When you hire a coach, you are essentially paying for the knowledge, education and experience of that coach.  You are saying, “Coach, help me get better, faster.”  Are you willing to listen and do?
  • The personal touch:  Coaching involves communication, what do you need?  Emails, text, twitter, phone calls, one on one, the list goes on.  How much and what type of communication do you need?
  • Style:  What coaching style do you want?   Are you looking for a Drill Instructor, Mother Hen or something in between?  What type of motivation are you looking for?

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  • Individualized:  Are you interested in individualized training or would a group plan work for you?
  • Customization:  How much customization do you need?  Can you get by with a pre written plan  or are there circumstances in your life do you need to work around?  Family, job, injury or are you training for a very specific event?
  • Coach Rides:  Do you need “hands on” one to one training?  Are you working on specific bike skills like Bike handling, riding position, basic safety?  Maybe you are new to the area and need a riding guide.
  • Event attendance:   Do you want your coach to travel with you or attend your event?
  • Timelines:  How will your coach measure success and what are your expected timelines to achieve your goals?
  • Data:  Do you love the numbers?  Do you hate the numbers?  This sport can be very technical or it can be grass roots and basic.  Both styles will achieve results, what style do you prefer?
  • Demographics:  Age, Sex, Race Religion, Politics, Riding Experience.  How important are each of these things to you.  The coach/athlete relationship is very special and these things need to be considered for your relationship and program to be successful.
  • Experience, Education and Certification:  How important is your coach’s experience, education and certification to you?  You may not need the USA Olympic Road Cycling Coach, but then again, you might.

The coach/athlete relationship is a lot like dating and these are all questions that you should be asking when considering a coach and your coach should be asking you.

Peace Out!

Coach Brian

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