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My son Sawyer drew the “logo” and QuadZilla Coaching is a name I picked because it is kind of fun to say. I hope you like to say it too. (btw, Dinosaurs and Cycling are super cool)

I enjoy coaching all levels of cyclists, from beginner to elite and I get a great satisfaction from helping my clients achieve their goals. Over the years I have identified my ideal client and it turns out that I am my ideal client! (Well, not really ME, but people just like me) I get a tremendous personal reward when I am able to help someone achieve what only a short time ago was impossible.

I have been riding and racing for almost 10 years now, but before I found cycling my life was anything but healthy. In a lot of ways I was just sort of normal, I worked a lot, I was 40 lbs over weight, I smoked cigarettes and I was a drinker. I also was not happy with the way I felt or the lifestyle that I was teaching my young kids. One day it was time to make a change and I fell in love with cycling and my life has never been the same.

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My coaching style is unique. I am strong and caring, direct and tactful, engaging and empathetic. I understand PERSONALLY the ups and downs and the emotions of success, pain, hard work, failure, frustration and perseverance. Life is for living, this is how life is and I love every bit of it!

In my personalized coaching relationships I seek clients that understand and value my methods. Together we will win and lose, we will work and play; there will be set backs and unbelievable success. As we work together to achieve your goals we will run up against hurdles and walls that seem impossible to traverse and then we will break through. I am with you during this time and I am fully invested in you, because of this I work with a limited number of athletes. I enjoy long walks on the beach….

Like all coaches, I have experience and credentials. Some of my life experience includes: Certified as a Level 2 Certified USA Cycling Coach, 10 Years of riding and racing, four years as a Marine where I had the “opportunity to “enjoy” a fitness program, four years of Cross Country, four years in Track and Field, and probably most important, 15 years of letting my body get out of shape and then bringing myself back to life.

I am fascinated with the human body and what we can make it do with discipline or lack of and how with consistent and appropriate training we can create amazing results.

I grew up in Colorado, attended Western State College and then joined the United States Marine Corps. My family is still in the Denver area where my mom is a retired principal and my sister is a high school teacher.

I have two adult girls, Dene’ and Alicia. Dene’ just had a baby boy, Vaughn, so I guess that makes me a Grandpa too!

I am active with the International Christian Cycling Club as well as an adult leader with the Boy Scouts where my sons (Sawyer and Christian) are very active and aiming to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.


2012- Coach Brian, Christian and Sawyer

My wife Di and I plan to spend the rest of our lives in Parker Colorado.

Wishing you the best,

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