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2/18/14 Bucket Ride Day 3

We woke up to fog.  A really thick sort of fog.  Everything was wet and dripping.  Somehow a puddle of water formed in the middle of the tent overnight.  It didn’t make sense to my dad so he asked, “Did you wet the bed last night?”  I think he was at least 50% serious.  For the record, I did not wet the bed!

We knew  that we were probably not authorized to be camping where we were, about 50 feet from a main road very visible to everyone that drove by.  This was a fatigue mandated camping spot and the sound of cars driving by kept my dad up for fear of being ousted by the police.  Thankfully, that did not happen.

We did, however, have an unexpected turn to our morning.  During the night, my dad’s glasses found themselves under him.  The screw that holds the lens broke off.  We were thankful to get the glasses fixed, however, it required an unscheduled trip to Wal-Mart.  It added a bit of a delay to our start.  We didn’t really get moving until after 10am.

The fog stayed with us all day long and was a little worrisome to ride in.  It wasn’t really cold out and our stuff wasn’t really wet, just sort of soggy.  I’m not used to fog.  I was surprised at how we wet everything became.

Sand.  Yep, we were about half way through the day and the sand from the beach camping was still everywhere.  It’s still with me as I write this and it is annoying.  It got it in my clothes and shoes, all over my chain and brakes, and it was hindering my cleats making it hard to clip in and out.

Today is day three and my dad was a little tired.  We had a bit of a headwind and it really slowed our progress.  The fog made everything less enjoyable and a little dangerous with shortened visibility.  Our route took us next to the sea board along the Gulf of Mexico.  I can only imagine the beauty of it on a clear day as  it was too foggy to see the water.  (Sad face)  I really wanted to see the ocean today.

Towards the end of the day we started talking about our mileage to date and realized that even though we don’t have a set schedule, we are falling a bit behind.  During planning, dad was expecting to ride on average 50-60 miles per day and we haven’t hit that mark yet.  It’s time to step it up, but today was not a day for that.

We decided to stop in Biloxi and get a hotel for the night.  We really need to get 60 miles in tomorrow and the following two days to meet an obligation at Bob’s Bicycles in Tallahassee Fl.  They are expecting us on Saturday afternoon.

The wind was very bothersome to my dad.  He attributes some of the wind issue with the fact that he is carrying saddle bags and that the extra width is really dragging him down.

We are changing our strategy for tomorrow.  I will be pulling the B.O.B. trailer and carrying my dad’s bags as well in hopes of creating a bit of a draft advantage for him.

With an early start, great morning breakfast and a bit of efficiency I feel good about hitting our mark tomorrow.

Oh yeah, did I mention the sand?  It’s still with me.  Total miles today, 32

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