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March 19, 2014

New Fitness Podcasts with overthetop on BlogTalkRadio

Both Brian Friend and his father join us to talk about what I think is just an amazing story of a cross country cycling dream which started 25 years ago among three friends finished with father and son. We’ll hear all about the final leg of the journey – New Orleans to Jacksonville during our discussion.

George Thomas – Over the Top Productions |

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Welcome to QuadZilla Coaching!


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My son Sawyer drew the “logo” and QuadZilla Coaching is a name I picked because it is kind of fun to say. I hope you like to say it too. (btw, Dinosaurs and Cycling are super cool)

I enjoy coaching all levels of cyclists, from beginner to elite and I get a great satisfaction from helping my clients achieve their goals. Over the years I have identified my ideal client and it turns out that I am my ideal client! (Well, not really ME, but people just like me) I get a tremendous personal reward when I am able to help someone achieve what only a short time ago was impossible.

I have been riding and racing for almost 10 years now, but before I found cycling my life was anything but healthy. In a lot of ways I was just sort of normal, I worked a lot, I was 40 lbs over weight, I smoked cigarettes and I was a drinker. I also was not happy with the way I felt or the lifestyle that I was teaching my young kids. One day it was time to make a change and I fell in love with cycling and my life has never been the same.

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